education is a commitment to excellence in teaching & learning

SOE provides skills-based learning with appropriate classroom environment in which individuality, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork and active learning are established at the same time as knowledge is acquired. School of Enablers being a 'different school of thought', not only provides a regular curriculum but also develops skill-based programs with sub-skills embedded, streamlined, interweaved and structured to conclude in the form of assessment which leads to certifications.


International Standard Training and Participation to Extensive range of International Competitions


Personality & Skills Development Program for Teachers & Internationally Accredited Certified Courses

Special Programs

Taleem-o-Tarbiyat, Junior Chef, Sports & Physical Events, Entrepreneurial & Leadership Programs

Resource Centre

Multimedia Libraries, Rich Fortified Labs, Audio-visual Aids, and the Most Advanced Computer Labs

the School of Enablers

School of Enablers is a network of schools nationwide operated by Enablers. We are dedicated to bringing changes in academics through our non-traditional approach, effective ethical development, and creating an innovative skillset in each student regardless of their socio-economic background to make them better humans with an understanding of future opportunities and challenges.

Our curriculum is aligned with Single National Curriculum with all-inclusive practical entrepreneurial undertakings and extra-curricular activities.

Students Development

Achieve Highest Standards of Academic Excellence To Become Leaders

Our Programs

Holistic Development of Each Individual to Prepare them for Scholastic Aptitude Test and Society

Early Years

To develop better social, emotional and personal skills, children are required to have access to high-quality...

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Primary School Program

Our Primary School Program is carefully designed by the dedicated developmental team of educationists...

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Middle School Program

To prepare our students for the O-Levels Cambridge International Examinations, our Middle School Program is sensibly designed to...

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Youth Leadership program

The Youth Leadership Program facilitates senior students to develop confidence in their leadership skills and network...

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Entrepreneurship Program

School of Enablers embraces the necessity to prepare our students with the skills required to succeed in the future. At SOE, students...

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Senior School Program

We take great pride in the fact that we offer one of the comprehensive ranges of GCSE subject choices...

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Why is School of Enablers a Perfect Choice for your child?

  • Integrated Approach for Brain Development
  • Highly Equipped & Advanced Learning Environment
  • Co-curricular Activities & International Exposure