faisal AZHAR


School of Enablers believe all children are intelligent, unique from others and embedded with individual potential, strength, personality and skills to explore the world in their own unique way, in this regard, we support children by the provision of integrated skill-based learning and teaching process.

To secure the future of our generations, we created a platform to fulfil the gap between learning and skills, SOE adopted the combination of international standard learning aligned with national norms and values to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

School of Enablers is firm in its strategic plan to deliver a high-quality educational program that will inspire, arouse, and encourage its student in all areas of Pakistan and worldwide.

We are committed to providing excellence with a standardized structure of education. Our centralized head office professionals are prepared to provide continuous support to the franchises.

Therefore, students are encourage to participate in extra-curricular activities such as Games and Sports, Debates Competitions, Dramatic Club, Student Counselling Sessions and much more. To achieve our set goals, align to the principles of Islam, we pledge to educate our children with knowledge, skills, and values of critical thinking along with creativity and with the aim to provide efficient, well-motivated technically advanced scholars to the nation. Wishing you the Best of Luck!